In the life sciences industry, regulations demand the highest quality standards for end products as well as documentation of the manufacturing process, which takes place in the strictest cleanroom environments. Rightfully so, too, as the goods produced affect millions of people every day.

CLARCOR Air can provide all the necessary filters to meet the strict regulations in the pharmaceutical industry. From low efficiency pre-filters, high efficiency secondary filters, and final HEPA or ULPA filters, all available for high temperature applications or with anti-microbial treatment, we truly have it all. We manufacture HEPA and ULPA on demand, customized for the specs given by the client. Each filter is individually tested at rated flow before shipping out to the client. Additionally, each shipped filter contains the authorized results of the filter test.

While we offer a full spectrum of the necessary standard HVAC solutions and HEPA/ULPA box filters, we also manufacture disposable ducted ceiling modules frequently used in pharmaceutical applications and laminar flow equipment.