Air filtration in all manufacturing applications is critical, but the magnitude and importance of it in the automobile industry surpasses most others. CLARCOR Air offers proven process protection to OEMs and tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 suppliers.

Of particular importance in the automotive industry are the paint spray booth facilities, which require a cleaner process and atmosphere than almost any other industrial application. CLARCOR Air manufactures products that surpass filter requirements for both air intake and overspray in these booths, which are continuously supplied with filtered air to optimize quality, health, and safety to people, process, and equipment.

We also manufacture high temperature filters and oil mist filters for use in automotive manufacturing applications. The high temperature filters are used in curing ovens during manufacturing, and the oil mist filters gather oil particulate and smoke that would otherwise contaminate the process throughout.

Automobile manufacturing is a delicate process, and CLARCOR Air possesses a portfolio of products equipped to protect every step of it.