Every day, over 1.75 million people in the United States alone travel through airport terminals. The pollutants found in these airports are similar to those found in industrial areas and around freeways, but they also include dangerous unburned hydrocarbons from jet exhaust. Indoor air quality must not be sacrificed, and at CLARCOR Air, we are committed to manufacturing air filters that provide clean, comfortable air to both airport employees and travelers during their brief stays along the way.

CLARCOR Air’s standard HVAC and gas phase filters will protect passengers and employees from unhealthy and potentially dangerous levels of VOCs, hydrocarbons, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide.

Our ASHRAE grade HVAC filters remove particulates from the airstream while the gas phase – or activated carbon – filters remove the jet fumes and diesel odors that are drawn in from the heavily polluted outside supply air. As a result, our filters help ensure indoor air quality in airports is up to the National Ambient Air Quality Standards and meets all recommendations by EN 13779:2007.

CLARCOR Air offers a full spectrum of filters to meet all airport filtration needs, including pre- and secondary filters, high efficiency filters, and gas phase filters to capture molecular contaminants. Coast to coast, our filters are trusted by airports to provide clean air solutions to patrons and employees alike.